Bhagwan Dev Atma - The most worshipful founder of Dev Dharma. (20th December, 1850 - 3rd April, 1929). Dev Atma has given to the world an altogether different and new ideal of life to live. The fact that he posses those most wonderful psychic forces in his soul which are altogether new to the world and which have distinguished him as the Spiritual Sun of the World. These forces have completed the organism of his Soul. His own life is ideal life, which he has placed before the World. He has inherited, (through process of evolution) following four wonderful sets of psychic forces.
  • Complete and all sided love of Truth.
  • Complete and all sided love of Goodness.
  • Complete and all sided hatred of untruth.
  • Complete and all sided hatred of all that is evil, criminal and wrong in all relations of man to other existences.
With the evolution of the above said psychic forces, Dev Atma developed in him a Unique Soul illuminating Light the world had not known before. Dev Atma also developed Unique Repulsion for Untruth and Evil.

"Dev Atma is the one only TRUE DEVTA, or worshipful being True Spiritual Sun, Emitting the highest Psychic Light and the Highest psychic power; the one True Teacher of the Science grounded Religion, one true and highest Benefactor of all fit souls.